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Ricardo Ehlers

Ricardo Ehlers

"Não há ciência pura e ciência aplicada, há ciência e aplicações da ciência." (Louis Pasteur)

My homepage. My CV (in Portuguese), (in English)

My research group (in Portuguese)

Email: ehlers AT icmc. usp. br (please do not send me Word documents)

Main Research Areas:

Papers under submission

  1. Ehlers, R.S. Comparing Bayesian Models for Production Efficiency.
  2. Ehlers, R.S. and Brooks, S.P. Bayesian Analysis of Order Uncertainty in ARIMA Models.
  3. Ehlers, R.S. and Melo, L.G. A Bayesian Approach for Computing Claim Amounts of Occuring but Not Reported Events.

Papers in preparation

  1. Ehlers, R.S. and Ferreira, M.A.R. Exploring Large Regression Model Spaces via Trans-dimensional Genetic Algorithms.
  2. Ehlers, R.S. Fully Bayesian Analysis of Smooth Transition Models with an Unknown Number of Components.
  3. Ehlers, R.S. Fully Bayesian Analysis of Censored Panel Data in Econometrics.
  4. Ehlers, R.S. Computational Tools for Comparing Asymmetric GARCH Models via Bayes Factors.

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