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Discussão de Vídeos em Inglês

Discussão de Vídeos em Inglês

Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seenHans Rosling @ TED (2006)
Problema de Monthy HallRon Clarke @ YouTube
Schools kill creativitySir Ken Robinson @ TED (2006)
Bring on the learning revolution!Sir Ken Robinson @ TED (2010)
26/09/2012Arthur Benjamin's formula for changing math educationArthur Benjamin @ TED (2009)
26/09/2012How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveriesAdam Savage @ TED (2011)
03/10/2012The joy of statsHans Rosling @ BBC TV (2010)
07/12/2012Learning English - Lesson One (Introduction)Mr. Duncan @ YouTube
BBC Learning EnglishBBC
La Education Prohibida
Let's use video to reinvent educationSalman Khan @ TED (2011)
How taking a bath led to Archimedes' principle Mark Salata @ TED Education
How Big Is Infinity?Dennis Wildfogel @ TED Education
The other inconvenient truthJonathan Foley @ TED (2012)

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