Tutorials on the usage of the package geoR

  1. Exploratory data analysis
    1. Basic aspects of the spatial exploratory data analysis:
    2. Reading data and exploratory analysis: a tutorial on first steps of the data analysis.

  2. Simulating geostatistical data
    1. Simulating from the geostatistical model: simulations using the function grf illustrating different aspects of the geostatistical model.
    2. Animated 2D simulations: (be patient! this may take a while to load in your browser)
    3. Simulating from the generalised linear geostatistical model.

  3. Illustrating geostatistical calculations step by step
    1. Example on the simple kriging algorithm.
    2. Example of some geostatistical calculations.
    3. Constructing a covariate and obtaining the confidence interval for the coeficcient.
    4. Kriging with covariates: example on how to construct a covariate on the prediction points to be used in the kriging calculations.
    5. Kriging in presence of covariates: a note: comments on the usage of the arguments trend.l and trend.d.

  4. Generic tutorials
    1. A traditional geostatistical data analysis: example of the basic steps for a simple geostatistical analysis.
    2. Some commands for a standard geostatistical analysis: illustrate the package syntax for exploratory analysis (including variograms), parameter estimation and kriging prediction.
    3. An introduction to geoR: web page with the main functionality of the package geoR.
    4. Commands file with contents shown during a pratical session during a short course on geostatistics.
    5. A basic example of a geostatistical analysis of a soil conductivity data-set using R/geoR.
    6. Yet another example of the steps of a data analysis.

  5. More on Bayesian analysis
    1. An example of Bayesian prediction: Illustrates the usage of the geoR's function krige.bayes()
    2. Further examples for the function krige.bayes are given in the file examples.krige.bayes.R

  6. Bivariate geostatistical data
    1. Simulating bivariate proccess:
    2. Inference and prediction for the bivariate Gaussian common component model:

  7. Other data-sets (in addition to the ones already included in the package)
  8. Data this is a directory with data-sets used in some of the tutorials.
    Typically there are two files corresponding to each data set:

  9. geoR and sp: converting data formats
    1. Converting kriging results to SpatialGridDataFrame and SpatialPixelsDataFrame formats

  10. Other tutorials
    1. An introduction to geoRglm: web page with the main aspects of the package geoRglm.
    2. Simulating stochastic proccesses: simulation routines to illustrate basic concepts of stochastic proccesses.

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