Model-Based Geostatistics

Peter J. Diggle and Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr

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Model-based Geostatistics
Series: Springer Series in Statistics
Diggle, Peter J. & Ribeiro Jr, Paulo Justiniano
2007, X, 230 p., Hardcover
ISBN-10: 0-387-32907-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-387-32907-9

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1 About the book

This book, published in the Springer Series in Statistics, is an expository account of the model-based aproach to geostatistical analysis. In contrast to classical geostatistics, the model-based approach sets geostatistical methods in the context of generic statistical modelling, with the likelihood playing a central role in inference, whether Bayesian or frequentist. Throughout the book, methods are illustrated with applications to data from epidemiology and the environmental sciences. Almost all of the analyses reported in the book can be reproduced by readers using the authors’ geoR software.

2 Related Software

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The analysis and code shown in the book use the R software and
most of the methods are implemented by the contributed packages
geoR and geoRglm.

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7 The authors

Peter J. Diggle is
Professor of Statistics
Department of Medicine
Lancaster University, UK
Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics
Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, USA